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Your Doctor B's BARF Diet Distributor Since 2007

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Distributor of the Original BARF Diet
pioneered by Dr Ian Billinghurst

BARF Singapore came to life in Oct 2007. Our core business is to distribute Doctor B's BARF recipes in Singapore. Why this business or this particular product ? The simple answer is that as animal lovers, we wholeheartedly identify with Dr Billinghurst’s mission of providing a healthy alternative to processed pet food (especially grain-based ones) and the potential dangers they pose to our pets’ health. Like the good doctor, we hope to improve the lives of pet animals and the lives of their owners as a result. We know that we can't change the world but we can certainly try our best ! 


It is our dearest hope that the availability and convenience of Doctor B’s BARF recipes will encourage more Singaporeans to convert their pets to a truly healthier form of nutrition. The kind of nutrition that will allow their pets to lead happier and longer lives. Doing our part, we are pricing our food more affordably in order to reach out to more pet owners, whilst still keeping this business sustainable.  

Price Increase

It is with great reluctance that we have to announce this price increase.


Since this pandemic started, airfreight costs have almost tripled, our products’ costs have been increased by the factory 3 times since the start of last year (by 10% each time), fuel for our delivery van has gone up like 80%, electricity costs for our cold room have about doubled too.


We have tried our very best to maintain our prices but if we don’t increase them now, we basically will not be able to sustain this business anymore and have to close up shop 🥺


For those clients who have been buying from us from our early years, you will know that this is the 1st time that we’re increasing prices, after >15 years i.e. since we started in Oct 2007.


Please visit our BARF Products page to view our new prices. The increase is approximately 15% and is the minimum possible to remain a sustainable business.


We really hope that we can have your understanding, thanks!

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27 West Coast Crescent, #08-24, Blue Horizon, Singapore 128048



BARF Singapore will be closed for business

from 23rd June to 8th July, 2024. During this

period, we will be away and have very limited

WiFi access.


We will attend to all orders and inquiries

received during this period, when we resume

biz from 9th July, 2024  onwards.

We regret any inconveniences caused and

wish to thank you for your understanding.

Contact : 67785728; 96723601 (WhatsApp available)

Thanks for submitting!

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